These 8 movies will get you ready for this summer’s Festival

Preparing for the Festival can make the office pretty hectic, but we’ve devised the perfect cool down after a busy day: The 2018 Festival Summer Binge List. We are proud streaming junkies and are excited to share these 8 movies that share stories with our 2018 Savannah Opera Season!

1. You’ve Got Mail

Watch on: HBO Now | Prime Video

2. Coraline

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Watch on: Netflix | Prime Video

3. Pretty Woman

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Watch on: Prime Video

4. The Proposal

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Watch on: Prime Video

5. Spirited Away

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6. Hitch

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Watch on: Prime Video

7. Moulin Rouge

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Watch on: Prime Video

8. My Super Ex-Girlfriend

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Watch on: Prime Video

Can you guess which two movies belong to each opera of our season? We’ll be sharing the answers along with our movie reviews in the coming weeks. Binge along with us!

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