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Society Members



(as of July 10, 2018)

Chris and Anne Acker
Eddie and Jo Ann Alban
Kathie and Les Anderson*
Marilyn and Elliott Bardsley
Liz and Scott Bartlett
Linda and Alan Benware*
Dr. Michael Bonder
Kathy and Franklyn Bousquet
Mary Burkhardt Lysaught
Ellen Byck
Audrey and John Canarina*
Naomi and Barry Cohen*
Daniel C. Cohen*
Chip H. and Ann J. Cole
Betsy and Bob Contino
Walter Culin
Nancy S. Cunningham
Ethel Danhof
Anne Dauray
Drs. Diane and Lawton Davis
Lynne and Charles Davis*
Dr. and Mrs. Bernard Dobroski
Dr. Thomas and Mrs. Kerstin Donohue
Carolyn Donovan
Helen Downing
Jan and Sam Durham
Patricia and Jason Eager*
Mark Epstein*
Dr. and Mrs. John Fishburne
Marianne and T. Mills Fleming*
Carl and Lesley Francis*
Julian Friedman and Lydia Sawyer
Sharon and Murray Galin
Robert Gibson
Pat Ingle Gillis*
AM Goldkrand
Timothy Hall and Damon Lee Fowler*
Lorill and Pat Haynes
Toby Hollenberg
Phyllis and Dan Huffer
Mimi and Jack Jones
Jane Kahn
Kevin Kiernan
Ted and Karen Kleisner
Suzan Kiepper and Ron Krannich
Donald and Kaye Kole
Harriet and George Konstantinidis
Brian and Mary Kosmal
Judy and Wes Krulic
Dr. Zena Lansky and Mr. Warren Rodgers
Middy Larson*
Dr. Harvey C. Lebos
Carol and Dave Legasse
Marjorie E. and B. H. Levy, Jr.
Dayle and Aaron Levy
Harris Lewis and John McEllen
Rene and Joe Marinelli
Ruth and Tom McMullin
Dr. Kathleen Monahan and Jim McNeeley
Linda and Thomas McWhorter
Alden and Karin Mead
Arthur and Carol Menken
Bunny and Jim Montag
Steven Morgan
Peg and Ron Morris
Carol and Ali Nasr
John and Ann Otjen
Kim L. Owens
Deborah and Al Pepe
Bill and Jane Peterson
Dr. Barbara Phillips
Sue and Dick Prior
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Prystowsky
Gary and Nancy Radke
Mary Raines
Allan and Arlene Ratner
Faanya L. Rose
Barbara Ruddy
Dana and William Savidge
Diane and Edward Schmults
Camille and William Searcy
Claudia and David Seyle
Nancy S. Sheets
Joan F. Silver
Charles and Cookie Simmons
Marjorie Simpson
General and Mrs. John Sobke
Lee and Mark Spadoni
Elizabeth Sprague
Priscilla and Ron Stahl
Jacqueline and Colin Stewart
Lewis M. and Charlene K. Stewart
Dr. Roland Summers
Patt and Joseph Taylor
Tom and Martie Thomas
Joan and Barry Tucker
Erin and Jim Waterman
Dorothy Watkins
Gilbert and Jane Wells
Julia White
Winston Willis
Marcia and Larry Wills
Barbara Wilson
Linda and Michael Zoller

*denotes 2012 Founding Donors